Yosemite Falls panorama

Scot Miller is a passionate advocate for the protection and preservation of wild spaces and has worked for many years lecturing and using his still and video images in support of conservation-oriented nonprofit groups including Yosemite Conservancy, the Walden Woods Project, Caddo Lake Institute, Groundwork Dallas, Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters, and Friends of Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. CLICK ON the organization names below to go directly to their websites.

Scot proudly supports these nonprofit organizations:

Yosemite Conservancy

Yosemite Conservancy is providing for Yosemite’s future by inspiring people to support projects and programs that preserve and protect Yosemite National Park’s resources and enrich the visitor experience. The Conservancy provides grants to Yosemite National Park based on the highest-priority needs of the park. With donor support, the Conservancy has funded the restoration of the trail to Lower Yosemite Fall, electronic bear-monitoring equipment to keep bears safe, life-changing youth programs and so much more.

Gifts to Yosemite Conservancy fund projects and programs that are essential to Yosemite’s future:

  • Trails, Wildlife and Habitat: We fund trail and habitat restoration projects, wildlife-protection programs, scientific research and more to preserve and protect Yosemite’s natural wonders and enrich the visitor experience
  • Youth in Yosemite Programs: Thanks to your support, these programs transform the lives of youth of all ages, while youth help transform the park

The Walden Woods Project

The Walden Woods Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the land, literature, and legacy of Henry David Thoreau through conservation, education, research and advocacy. Founded by recording artist Don Henley, the Project uses the land it has protected in Walden Woods to foster an ethic of environmental stewardship and social responsibility, both cornerstones of Thoreau’s philosophy.

The Walden Woods Project is headquartered in Lincoln, MA, in the heart of Walden Woods.

Caddo Lake Institute

Caddo Lake Institute (CLI) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization founded in 1992 with the mission of protecting the ecological, cultural and economic integrity of Caddo Lake, its associated wetlands and watershed. Caddo Lake, located on the border of northeast Texas and northwest Louisiana, includes one of the best examples in the southern United States of a mature bald cypress forest. The area is known for its exceptional wildlife diversity and recreational opportunities.

CLI works with local communities, organizations and others to protect the unique treasure that is Caddo Lake, addressing issues such as the need to return healthy flows to Caddo Lake, restore water quality in the watershed, control invasive species, and conserve significant lands. That work has included the designation of wetlands at Caddo Lake as “Wetlands of International Importance” under the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty created in 1971. A healthy watershed supports wildlife and animal habitats, recreation and the local economy.

Groundwork Dallas

Groundwork Dallas is a nonprofit organization whose work reflects the objectives of their national organization, Groundwork USA. Groundwork Dallas is dedicated to improving our community on many levels and works closely with local individuals, organizations, and institutions to help realize our vision of a safer, cleaner, and healthier natural environment for citizens of Dallas and beyond. A healthy urban forest is essential for maintaining the quality of air and water in the Dallas metroplex.

The current area of focus for Groundwork Dallas is the Green Belt of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. This project will turn this overlooked piece of natural beauty, almost 800 acres of urban wilderness in the heart of Dallas, into a world-class ecological education and recreation center open to the public.

The Green Team is a partnership between Groundwork Dallas and local public and charter schools to provide students with significant ecological education and hands-on training with a goal of inspiring young people (and particularly young people who are underserved or at-risk) to become ecological stewards of their community. Further, the Green Team program provides students with access to professional ecological certifications that can be leveraged into their future studies through scholarship opportunities and into future employment opportunities.

Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters

Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters is a non-profit 501c3 membership organization made up of individuals who are committed to working along side the National Park Service to help protect, preserve and promote all that is special about Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in northern Maine. The mission of Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters is to preserve and protect the outstanding natural beauty, ecological vitality and distinctive cultural resources of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and surrounding communities for the inspiration and enjoyment of all generations.

Friends of Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Founded in 2007 with encouragement from the President’s daughters, Luci Johnson and Lynda Johnson Robb, the Friends provide ongoing support for park programs, restoration efforts, recreational events and opportunities to learn about the life of the President, his family and world leaders who visited the ranch throughout the 1960’s. The group also fosters partnerships both locally and nationally to benefit the park.

The Fund for People in the Parks

The Fund for People in Parks provides private funding and professional services to complete inspirational projects that enhance the visitor experience in western National parks. The Fund’s work creates the critical margin of excellence that directly enhances a visitor’s experience.